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「Green days 052024」 幾乎每年五月都放晴,好讓人有種新氣象的感覺,與其說是夏天到來,倒不如說是新年遲到了。 也可能是天氣大好,從世界各地路過...

「Green days 052024」


話時話,真要跪求六七八月可以來幾波小熱浪,我還想再次在Hampstead Heath的湖下水。

Almost every May, the weather clears up, giving people a sense of renewal. Rather than saying summer has arrived, it feels more like the New Year is late.

It might be because of the great weather, but friends from around the world, from other parts of the UK, and of course from Hong Kong, have all come here one by one. We cherish every brief gathering, especially on days when the sun stays up longer. We keep talking and watching the sunset without realizing the restaurant is about to close. Then, when we think about the summer solstice next month, we deeply feel another level of "cherishing time."

Alright, after June, with more weekends and holidays, we should embrace the green days.

By the way, I'm really hoping for a few small heatwaves in June, July, and August. I want to swim again in the lake at Hampstead Heath.

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