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「十卜」 倫敦馬拉松也算是個頗隆重的長跑賽事,雖然沒有像很多馬拉松見到民眾沿途派水送餅的場面,卻還是籠罩著熱情高漲的氣氛,再者是賽前很多本地慈善機構都會招領跑手...


因為現場太多跑手跑過,打氣時要叫出名字才好讓他聽到,我聽到後方有個女生一直在不停念著Peter Paul and Mary… 沒完沒了地在叫喊,心裡還想著她為什麼有這麼多跑手朋友參賽,後來才發現她應該都是在念著一個個陌生的跑者,就憑一直看著跑衣上的名字。


The London Marathon is indeed a significant long-distance race. Although it lacks the scenes of people handing out water and snacks along the route like many other marathons, it still carries a highly enthusiastic atmosphere. Additionally, many local charities recruit runners to represent them before the race. This means that aside from friends coming to cheer their friends on, many people are cheering for charity runners.

With so many runners passing by, you need to call out their names for them to hear your support. I heard a girl behind me constantly shouting "Peter, Paul, and Mary," endlessly calling out names. I wondered why she had so many friends in the race, but later realized she was reading names off the runners' shirts, cheering for strangers one by one.

It’s not just the runners who are passionate.

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