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「London marathon」 四月花季過後大家都熱衷於各式各樣的活動,不少得當然有一年一度的倫敦馬拉松,起點就在Greenwich Park 「樓上」的 ...

「London marathon」
四月花季過後大家都熱衷於各式各樣的活動,不少得當然有一年一度的倫敦馬拉松,起點就在Greenwich Park 「樓上」的 Blackheath大草地,因為Sports Club要找跑手拍照也順道去湊個熱鬧。


After the flower season in April, everyone is keen on various activities, including the annual London Marathon. The starting point is on the Blackheath large lawn above Greenwich Park. I went to take some photos for my sports club and joined the excitement.

I had registered last year as well, but it seems to need some luck. After all, it is one of the world's six major marathons, and the chance of being selected from the registration is only three percent. I ended up with a ‘consolation’ prize, a long-sleeve running shirt (which is great for blocking wind and keeping warm, and I often met some other runners wearing it).

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