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「南邊走走」 第一次南下Penge這個地方,由森林發展成維多利亞時代的住宅區以後,直到近年吸引了大批街頭藝術家四處留下作品,由商舖鐵閘、天橋牆壁,橫街窄巷都找到...


Go south
Heading down to Penge for the first time, this place has evolved from forests into a Victorian residential area and, in recent years, has attracted a flood of street artists leaving their mark everywhere. From shop shutters to bridge walls and the narrow alleys in between, you can find traces of murals. Originally, my friends and I planned to visit a local parking lot that’s been renovated, but unfortunately, it was closed off when we got there, probably due to too many visitors coming.

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