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「夏令時間」 愚人節前一日再來盡情愚弄大家,31號凌晨一點變兩點,好讓大家快點看到黃昏八、九點天還未黑齊的幻覺,電子時鐘冬令變夏令無縫對應,上教堂的、上班的忽然...



What a Summer time
Fooling everyone to their heart's content the day before April Fool's, at 1 a.m. on the 31st, the clock jumps to 2 a.m., creating the illusion that it's not completely dark yet at eight or nine in the evening, so everyone can see it sooner. Electronic clocks seamlessly transition from standard time to daylight saving, causing those who go to church or work to suddenly lose an hour of sleep.

Though it's called daylight saving time, we're still in the days of deceptive warmth and cold. The dining table, floor, and cups are covered in cold, easily making life sluggish. Only when the sun is in full swing can we say there's a bit of the liveliness of summer.