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#HolaBarcelona (15) 「聖山Montserrat」 亂石也是天工,一切假以時日。 在巴塞羅那的短短幾日旅程, 到了一個位於遠郊的聖地Monts...

#HolaBarcelona (15) 「聖山Montserrat」
在巴塞羅那的短短幾日旅程, 到了一個位於遠郊的聖地Montserrat,因為整個旅程都沒有做功課,一直只看著朋友傳來的行程表跟隊出發,走到山腳上纜車的一刻還未感受到這座聖山如此壯觀,也沒知道這座奇岩數百年來的風霜,今日,「朝聖」這詞在旅遊指南中被過度使用,凡間何方神聖都被重新定義,直到登上這座聖山的高處,才領略到朝聖的境界,雖然這條修道之路已多了更方便的捷徑上山(纜車之外還有觀光火車),在緩緩登山的車程之中,望著尚有恒心攀越山路的人們,也感受到以前苦行者實現聖跡的意志和精神,這裡的偉大,不只是天工之美。

Even the rugged stones are works of nature's artistry, all sculpted by time.
During my brief journey in Barcelona, I ventured to the sacred site of Montserrat in the outskirts. Without any prior planning for the trip, following only the itinerary shared by a friend, it wasn't until I stood at the base of the cable car that I began to grasp the majesty of this sacred mountain, nor was I aware of the centuries of weathering these remarkable rocks had endured. Nowadays, the term "pilgrimage" is overly utilized in travel guides, and the sacred has been redefined in the mundane world. However, it wasn't until I reached the summit of this sacred mountain that I truly understood the essence of a pilgrimage. Although there are now easier routes to the top (besides the cable car, there's also a tourist train), watching those who still choose to tackle the mountain on foot during the gentle ascent, I could sense the spirit of the pilgrims from the past, enduring hardship with a will of iron to reach the sacred. The greatness of this place lies not only in its natural wonder.

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