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#HolaBarcelona (3)「牆」 🌆 進入Casa Batlló 最深刻應該是Casa Batlló 在裡面採用大量的曲線設計,就連看上去平平無奇的...

#HolaBarcelona (3)「牆」

🌆 進入Casa Batlló 最深刻應該是Casa Batlló 在裡面採用大量的曲線設計,就連看上去平平無奇的一道牆,都摸得出有弧度,另一幅牆上厚厚的透光的玻璃裝飾,經打磨後厚薄不一,走過去凝望窗對面的風景,折射出來的影像都會呈現出扭曲嘅效果,就像潛入一座水簾洞的流動影像。當日「朝聖」的人們真的太多,感覺有點走馬看花,不過還是充滿浮誇和神秘的驚艷。

Stepping into Casa Batlló, what strikes most is the abundance of curvilinear design within. Even the walls that seem mundane are curved to the touch. The thick, translucent glass decorations, polished to varying thickness, refract and twist the view, creating an effect like peering through a cascade of water. The place was crowded with pilgrims that day, visiting a whirlwind, yet it remained an astonishing journey.

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