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#HolaBarcelona (2)「沿著你設計那些曲線」 🌀 作風前衛的Casa Milà,是一座Gaudi 替富商Pere Milà夫婦用曲線實現的奇想大...

#HolaBarcelona (2)「沿著你設計那些曲線」

🌀 作風前衛的Casa Milà,是一座Gaudi 替富商Pere Milà夫婦用曲線實現的奇想大屋,由中庭天井、陽台雕塑,數到天台上造型奇特的煙囪與通風塔,以為純裝飾旳空想設計,其實細節裡有功能,穿越每個房間都嘩嘩嘩歎為觀止,回來翻查過去,先知道這座當年走得太前的Dream house真的有過一段黑歷史,haters古來有之,以前是大街怪屋,已成大家排隊打卡的世界遺產。

Casa Milà, with its avant-garde style, is another whimsical creation by Gaudí for the wealthy Milà family. From the central courtyard and sculptured balconies to the uniquely shaped chimneys and ventilation towers on the rooftop, what seemed like purely decorative fantasy designs actually hold functional details. Each room is a breathtaking spectacle, a far cry from the need for roasting and grinding coffee beans at home. Reflecting on its past, this once 'too advanced for its time' Dream House had its share of dark history. Initially seen as an oddity.

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