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#HolaBarcelona (1)「解鎖西班牙之旅」 🌟 2023年終於可以出去行吓!速去速回第一次去Barcelona,全靠朋友Plan好整個行程。Bar...

#HolaBarcelona (1)「解鎖西班牙之旅」

🌟 2023年終於可以出去行吓!速去速回第一次去Barcelona,全靠朋友Plan好整個行程。Barcelona真是一個好有活力好多驚喜的城市,終於明白英國新識的朋友成日都揀西班牙度假,就好似我哋去泰國,無論天氣定食物,都一樣吸引!聖家堂是我哋最後離隊前嘅行程,這座Gaudi 建築大作,展示了所謂凡事最重要不是結果而是過程的精神,不同風格的建築師都參與過聖家堂的建設,每一位都在這座建築留下自己的心思,人生何嘗不是這樣,人來人往,The best is yet to come。

"Unlocking the Journey to Spain,"
finally, in 2023, I had the chance to travel again! My first quick trip to Barcelona was perfectly planned by a friend. Barcelona is such a vibrant city full of surprises, and now I understand why my new friends in the UK always choose Spain for their vacations. It's just like us going to Thailand – the weather and the food are equally tempting! Visiting the Sagrada Família was our last stop before parting ways. This architectural masterpiece by Gaudí epitomizes the idea that it's the journey, not the destination, that matters most. Architects of various styles have contributed to the construction of the Sagrada Família, each leaving their mark on this magnificent structure. Life is similar in many ways, with comings and goings. The best is yet to come.

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