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「今年(暫時)最靚嘅聖誕樹」 好幾次去Rio Cinema看完電影走出大堂都有事發生,上次碰著異服裝扮派對,今次是他們很有心思地將熊公仔搭出來的聖誕樹,聽說明天...

好幾次去Rio Cinema看完電影走出大堂都有事發生,上次碰著異服裝扮派對,今次是他們很有心思地將熊公仔搭出來的聖誕樹,聽說明天會有亮燈儀式,在零度的東倫敦街頭,勁温馨的畫面。(所以呢個post要配首勁温馨嘅歌襯返)

東倫敦的Dalston街區總是給人爛笪笪的感覺,不過每次經過Rio Cinema都令我想起80s香港的老戲院,特別有印象是小時候深水埗的黃金戲院(即係而家高登/黃金商場),還有上水的行樂戲院。

題外話,下星期還有在香港電影節常看到的芬蘭導演Aki Kaurismäki新作Fallen Leaves,以前常覺得他的電影應該要在超殘舊的電影院看的。

「The be(are)st Christmas tree this year.」
Several times, upon leaving the lobby of Rio Cinema after watching a movie, something interesting has happened. The last time, I encountered a costume party, and this time, they were thoughtfully setting up a Christmas tree made of teddy bears. I heard that there will be a lighting ceremony tomorrow on the streets of East London, where the temperature is zero degrees, creating a heartwarming scene.

The Dalston neighborhood in East London always gives off a somewhat shabby feeling, but every time I pass by Rio Cinema, it reminds me of the old theaters in 80s Hong Kong. Particularly memorable are the Golden Theatre in Sham Shui Po (now Golden Plaza) from my childhood and the Amusement Theatre in Sheung Shui. Times have changed, and Hong Kong’s old theaters have been demolished or transformed into well-lit markets. Now they probably no longer exist. Coming to distant England, it feels like everything has been preserved unchanged before my eyes, which is somewhat unbelievable.

On a side note, next week there is a new film by Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, titled “Fallen Leaves,” which I often used to think should be watched in extremely run-down cinemas, just like the ones commonly seen at the Hong Kong Film Festival.