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#Hej哥本哈根 (3)「不夜的丹麥包」 哥本哈根滿街都是麵包店,販售著各式各樣的丹麥風烘焙,所謂丹麥風格,其實源自奧地利後來傳到美國發揚光大,用上大量的牛油、...

#Hej哥本哈根 (3)「不夜的丹麥包」
因為看B Magazine的哥本哈根專刊介紹過Juno The Bakery, 還要在下塌酒店的徒步範圍,臨行前篤定第一個早餐就要去試試。
喝完杯咖啡跟友人相約Juno門外,未見招牌已經見到排到出大街的人龍。等了二十多分鐘才進得店內,一邊開放式廚房有幾個師傅在做包,另一邊客人在點包餅茶啡,沒有Eat in ,街坊們都一包二包將新鮮出爐的帶回家,像我們這些遠道而來的客人,就只好坐在戶外的位子,十月哥本哈根天氣轉涼,沒有一杯熱咖啡的話,應該是沒可能好好享受這一頓早餐。
四件包兩杯啡,大約折合港幣$180, 北歐真是個高消費的國度,在這裡要找好吃的麵包不難,Juno The Bakery的款式夠多,而且麵包都剛剛出爐,比起出面很多做得出色但放涼了的麵包更令人回味吧。

註: (最後一幅相) 就連7-11都全日賣牛角包,影呢張相已經係夜晚十一點,唔知點解可以Keep住Refill嘅麵包櫃檯


「Danish Bakes. Beyond Sunrise. Beyond Sunset.」
I came across Juno The Bakery in a special Copenhagen feature of B Design Magazine. Conveniently located within walking distance of my hotel, I was determined to try it for my first breakfast there.
There was no surprise to see a long line extending onto the street in the early morning. We waited for over twenty minutes before finally entering the bakery. Inside, you can see the bakers crafting bread, while customers ordered pastries, coffee and tea. Seating was only available outside, and with the October chill in Copenhagen, enjoying a croissant breakfast without a hot cup of coffee seemed impossible.
We ordered four items and two coffees, totalling around DKK18. The Nordic region is a high-cost destination, but finding delicious bread is not a challenge. Juno The Bakery offered a diverse selection, and since the bread was freshly baked, it surpassed the allure of many other excellent but cooled-off options.

Note: Even convenience stores like 7-11 in Copenhagen sell Danish-style baked goods, as seen in the last photo taken at eleven o'clock at night. It's interesting how they manage to maintain a stocked bread counter even late at night.

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