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「立冬」 經常說英國人開口埋口都講天氣,其實不止是吹水社交,就連手機都不停在更新天氣,不停在預報你所在位置幾點將會下雨,幾點將會停雨,有時出街、約人、等車遇著霎...



不過「冬天的開始」在西方天文領域又會有另一個答案,根據日照時間最短的一天定義冬天,12月21-22日會是所謂「The beginning of winter」, 當日在我們的二十四節氣上是「冬至」,因為日照不足,也很有理由地是全年最冷的一天。

「The start/beginning of winter」
People here often talk about the weather, not just for socializing, but even their phones constantly update the weather, predicting when it will rain and when it will stop, especially in your exact location. Sometimes, going out, meeting someone, or waiting for a ride can be a disaster if you suddenly encounter heavy rain. So, it's no wonder that keeping a close eye on the weather has become much more important than in Hong Kong.

In fact, Asians also understand the weather well, especially the older generation who believe in the 24 solar terms. Traditionally, November 7-8 is the start of winter, known as '立冬' (Lidong) in lunar calendar. Regardless of the differences in climate between Hong Kong and London, cold winds start blowing, temperatures drop suddenly, and it's almost like magic when you mention the solar terms to friends around you.

However, in the Western astronomical field, there is another definition for the "beginning of winter." It is defined as the day with the shortest daylight hours, which falls on December 21-22, known as "The beginning of winter." On this day in our 24 solar terms, it is the Winter Solstice (冬至), as there is insufficient daylight, and it is also quite logically the coldest day of the year.