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「夏宮」 這陣子的天氣確實忽冷忽熱,不像去年的連續熱浪,很多人說沒有陽光的日子容易令人感到憂鬱。有些甚至在冬令時間補充維生命D以維持心理健康。經歷了一年的英國冬...

連我自己也不自覺地跟著英國人開口閉口都談論天氣。談到夏天在倫敦有哪些好去處,我認為Hampstead Heath的湖泊是一個很不錯的選擇,可以在那裡游水或者享受陽光浴(如果不怕湖水勁凍的話)。
還有一個很適合夏天參觀的隱世皇宮,是位於倫敦南部的Eltham Palace。這座宮殿曾經是亨利八世和許多英國君主的居所,也因為英國皇室擁有太多宮殿而後被廢棄。之後有對夫婦買起了這座宮殿改建成私人大宅,將中世紀建築與現代設計和藝術風格相結合,還展示了當時的創新技術,配備現代化的暖氣系統、室內電話、門鈴等豪宅設施,宮殿周圍的庭園也經過精心設計,展現出細緻的布局,不只是一個「有錢就任性」的夏宮。

提示:如果買了Art fund推出的National art pass, Eltham Palace 是可以在生效期內免費入場。

Summer Palace

The weather has been unpredictable lately. Many people say that days without sunshine can easily make them feel melancholic. Some even need vitamin D during the winter to maintain their mental health. After experiencing last winter, I feel just fine, but I can clearly sense that summer is counting down.

When we talk about the good places to go in London during the summer, I think Hampstead Heath is a great option. You can swim there or enjoy sunbathing (if you don't mind the freezing lake water).

I hope to have the opportunity to go there again seriously this summer.

There is also a hidden palace that is perfect for visiting in the summer, Eltham Palace, located in the south of London. This palace used to be the residence of King Henry VIII and many British monarchs. Afterwards, a couple bought the palace and transformed it into a private mansion, combining medieval architecture with modern design and artistic styles. It also showcased innovative technology of the time, equipped with modern amenities such as a heating system, indoor telephones, doorbells, and the meticulously designed surrounding gardens displayed intricate layouts. It is not just a "summer palace" for the rich to indulge in.

Suggestion: if you get a national art pass, this palace is a spot you can access for free.

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