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「Field of heaven 低科技之歌」 剛圓滿的 Glastonbury Festival 錯過了,各地大大小小的戶外音樂會陸續有來,因為疫情關係有兩年...

「Field of heaven 低科技之歌」
剛圓滿的 Glastonbury Festival 錯過了,各地大大小小的戶外音樂會陸續有來,因為疫情關係有兩年都隔著電視看日本苗場的Fuji Rock音樂祭,更令人懷念深山迴響現場音樂的力量。

Field of heaven 是 Fuji Rock 四大舞台之中設於最偏遠的舞台,全被山林和大樹包圍,沒有樂與怒和流行樂,演奏的多是Folk、Blues、Jazz、Country、R&B等曲風的表演單位,入夜後,台前mirror ball放射的燈光跟著樹影轉動,這樣的森林浴可能是現今最low tech的沉浸式體驗,一眾聽歌野餐和跳舞,是音樂節之所以迷人的夢幻時刻。

Field of Heaven is one of the four main stages at Fuji Rock Festival and is located in the most remote area. It is surrounded by forests and tall trees. Unlike the other stages that feature rock and pop music, Field of Heaven showcases performances in genres such as folk, blues, jazz, country, and R&B. As night falls, the mirror ball in front of the stage casts rotating lights that dance along with the shadows of the trees. This forest immersion is perhaps the most "low tech" immersive experience of today. People gather to enjoy music, have picnics, and dance, creating enchanting moments that make music festivals so captivating.

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