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#HolaBarcelona (10) 「Leave the world behind」 今年還沒有過一個月,世界大戰的預言和預測不絕於耳,就連最近看的兩齣新片...

#HolaBarcelona (10) 「Leave the world behind」
今年還沒有過一個月,世界大戰的預言和預測不絕於耳,就連最近看的兩齣新片「The End We start from」「Leave the world behind」都離不開世界陷入一片戰亂的背景,將樂觀心態放大一百倍,當全世界的蟻民都話世界大戰出口術的時候,有沒有可能SUPER打和就此化解,一切言之尚早。


講返今晚套「Leave the world behind」,如果要避世的話, Castillo de Tossa de Mar 應該是個很好的地點。

Just a month into the year, and the air is rife with prophecies and predictions of world war. The recent films “The End We Start From” and “Leave the World Behind” are no exception, both set against a backdrop of global turmoil. What if, amidst the global anxiety, a miraculous reconciliation happens? It’s too soon to say.

In the end, we are simply far from the battlegrounds, able to keep our disaster escape bags packed for another day. It’s about being aware yet not overly optimistic, like going for a dental check-up upon hearing of an impending disaster.

Speaking of “Leave the World Behind,” if one seeks escape, Castillo de Tossa de Mar is an ideal retreat (and it’s full of beautiful people).

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