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#Hej哥本哈根 (2)「離不開的包包餅餅」 早知道四處都會是丹麥式烘焙的包包餅餅,第一餐直落市中心一個深處地庫的咖啡座 HANS 吃遲來的午餐。 原本就應該...

#Hej哥本哈根 (2)「離不開的包包餅餅」
早知道四處都會是丹麥式烘焙的包包餅餅,第一餐直落市中心一個深處地庫的咖啡座 HANS 吃遲來的午餐。

原本就應該要試林林總總的酥皮,見到隔離枱叫了sourdough toast 有幼滑像忌廉的牛油,即刻跟機一份!(台灣人叫牛油做奶油,叫忌廉做鮮奶油,應該是因為好吃的牛油本應是忌廉狀吧)

這次旅程本來還想找Danish Pancake,因為在東京的法國餐館吃過一款Danish Pancake,有芝士和咸火腿的,不是大家在IG見到鬆軟彈彈的那種空氣感鬆餅,不過似乎又是另一個星洲炒米的誤會,或者只是因為他們做的Pancake用了丹麥酥皮的做法。


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bakes, cakes and more

I knew that everywhere I went would have Danish-style bakes and cakes. For my first meal, I descended into the depths of the city center to a café called HANS for a late lunch.

I should have tried the flaky pastries from the beginning. When I saw the table next to us ordering sourdough toast with butter that was smooth as cream, I immediately ordered one!

During this trip, every time I entered a bakery, I was searching for Danish Pancakes because I had a fantastic one at a French restaurant in Tokyo. These pancakes were different from the fluffy and airy ones you often see on Instagram. However, It appears to have been another misunderstanding, or maybe they used the Danish pastry technique to make those pancakes.

As for the most famous and delicious bakery I tried in Copenhagen, I'll introduce it in the coming posts.

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