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「Icelandic church」 Ever since I visited Iceland in 2019, I've been following Ice...

「Icelandic church」
Ever since I visited Iceland in 2019, I've been following Icelandic landscapes on Instagram. I'm constantly amazed to discover new places I hadn't known about before, some of which are newly developed attractions in recent years, while others are hidden gems discovered by adventurous individuals. This "unboxing" of landscapes through online experiences has become a common phenomenon in the internet ecosystem.

The Midjourney fantasy of this Icelandic church inevitably reminds me of the famous Kirkjufell (Kirkiu means church in iceland), I remember when our group of four drove there, we couldn't find the mountain's silhouette. Along the way, we only saw a few ordinary hills. In the end, comparing the "scenic photos" we had seen online, we deduced that one of those hills, with a few streams flowing in front, was indeed the true form of Kirkiufell.

I don't know if those spoilers created the scene or if they destroyed the scene, Kirkiufell still stands like so many surprises and disappointments.

With the vastness of the world, what kind of adventures will travel hold in the future when we can seamlessly immerse ourselves in landscapes with gadgets (and maybe even skip the rituals)?

自從去過冰島之後就一直有follow IG上的冰島風景,然後驚歎原來還有這個那個地方,有些是近年當地開發的新景點,也有些是有心人發現的隱世之地,這樣在親歷其境之前就「開箱」風景的經驗,已經變成稀疏平常的網路生態。

這幅 Icelandic church 的 Midjourney 空想,背後那座山不其然令我想起聞名於世的教堂山,我記得我們一行四人開車到那裡一直找不見山影,一路上看見幾座也不過是普通的山頭,最後比對網路上看過的「風景相」,按照山前的幾行溪流,推斷出其中一座正是教堂山的真身。



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